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Nemesis Camouflage™

Designed by the only former combat arms Airborne/75th Ranger/Special Forces soldier in the camouflage development space.  Nemesis was developed by an end-user for the tactical industry to provide maximum effectiveness across diverse operating environments. The patterns all have distinct roles but are designed to work together as a system to meet the needs of nearly any operating environment.

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Nemesis Camouflage Licenses & Suppliers

Diversitex logo.png

Diversitex Inc is the exclusive suppliers of all Nemesis Camo™ fabrics and trims.

MilSpec 70, 500, 1000 Denier Cordura nylon,

Laminated 500/1000 Denier nylons 

Heavy Concealment Mesh 

and Nyco Extreme Ripstop. 

Diversitex can print your requested fabrics!

Please contact Diversitex for current prices

Phone 973-808-4566  or



Diversitex Inc.

376 Hollywood Ave. Suite 203

Fairfield, NJ 07004

HolsterSmith & Knife Kits are the exclusive suppliers of all Nemesis Camouflage™


Full Scale Infused Plastics & EDC Wraps: 

Please contact Holster Smith for current priceat

Phone 877-255-6433  or



PO Box 908

Tyrone, GA 30290


Fractal Camo is the exclusive suppliers of all Nemesis Camouflage™


Hydrographic films & Vinyl Wraps: 

Please contact Fractal Camo for current priceat

Phone 864-226-0005  or


Fractal Camo

100 Control Dr.

Anderson, SC 29625

fractal camo _ Nemesis Camo.png
Tactical Infusion Logo.png

Tactical Infusions Inc.

are the exclusive suppliers of all Nemesis Camouflage™


Micro Scale Infused Plastics:

Please contact Tactical Infusions Inc. for current priceat


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