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         Owner / Founder

  Alpha Group Solution LLC

Clint hails from Casper, Wyoming where he grew up in the shadows of the Continental Divide. Clint has always been an outdoors enthusiast and adventurer. Being exposed to this kind of life style early, it's no wonder that after high school he joined the United States Army and struck out on other endeavors. 

   Serving with the US Army 75th Ranger Regiment as a combat medic, and the 3rd Special Forces Group (Abn.) as a Weapons Sergeant (awarded the Green Beret March 7th 1997). Clint deployed to over thirty countries in Central America, Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Asia and operations in the Middle East. He has worked directly with Foreign Governments, Military & Law-Enforcement Officials in support of national interests and combat operations.


During his time in service he also instructed future US Army Airborne Students, Aspiring Special Forces candidates, newly commissioned Infantry Officers and Asymmetric Warfare Groups -Combat Applications Training course attendees. Finally retiring as the US Army Small Arms Branch Acquisition NCOIC, he gave critical insight into the development and integration of materiel efforts for legacy and revolutionary weapon systems. Altogether serving 25 years in the United States Army and retiring honorably from active duty in Dec. 2012


After retiring Clint operated a tactical training company (Black Skull Tactical Applications) that caters to Military units & Tactical Law-Enforcement departments. Clint also serviced for 3 years as Reserve Deputy Sheriff in the Southeast region of the United States. Clint continues as a defense contractor, with years of experience running operations for DOD, DOS, FEMA, Emergency Response, Major Tactical industry solution base companies. Clint has run projects for (AEWE) Army Experimental Warfighter Exercise, BOLD Quest 1,2,3#, Squad Overmatch, Warfighter Exercise 21/22, Business Development, Marketing, Commercials, TV & Film ready industry.    


AATW/RLTW/DOL.... Without Equal!   

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