Film Ready Consulting & Tactical Training

Clint Hoover- US Army SOF (Ret.) 


Alpha Group Solution LLC is a Georgia-based Veteran Owned Small Business that provides military consulting, tactical training and sales of military uniforms and equipment.

With over 30 years of real world experience in some of the US Army’s most elite combat units, Law Enforcement service, industry product development, we can quickly enhance your agencies requirement and capabilities.


Our training, tactics and techniques are combat proven and are currently being used by US Military, US Special Operations & Tactical Law Enforcement units.

Past Projects:

Training Academy's

  • Black Skull Tactical Applications LLC (Owner) 

  • Legion O.T.G. (Senior Trainer & Range Supervisor)

  • Sehoy Tactical (Contract Trainer Military & LEO)

  • Laser Shot (Military Consultant & Projects) 



  • WarHorse One - Johnny Strong  (Director William Kaufman)(Military consultant-weapons & SOF wardrobe) 


TV Shows-

  • AMC "The Walking Dead" season 8/9 (Specialty Extra -Weapon Expert) 

  • CW's  "Valor" TV show (Extra)

  • Trigger Time TV  (Co-Host "Shadow 6") 

Commercial Media-

  • Navy Federal Credit Union (Military Consultant) 

  • New Day Loans/Mortgages (Military Consultant) 

Social Media-

  • A-TACS Camouflage  (Military Spokesman, Marketing and Photography)

  • Tru Spec catalog (Military Consultant) 

FRTE&T Specific Capabilities: for consulting movie, video & television productions, print work models, video gaming, on military affairs with and tactical training. 

  • Trains: actors and extras on authentic tactics, techniques movement, weapons handling, combat shooting, military & law enforcement vocabulary and a wide variety of combat skills (I.E. repelling, fast rope operations, demolition, sniper operations, Close Quarter Combat (CQB), water borne small boat operations, scuba operations (combat divers), and field craft, evasive driving, military radio procedures.)

  • Advising: and assisting movie set directors, assist movie set gunsmith and wardrobe department in selection of proper weapons systems wardrobe for specific scenes for historical accuracy.

  • Assist: production crew, set prop men and special effects teams on construction of sets, networking & providing additional experts in all forms of environmental training on location to include desert, jungle, arctic, mountain, urban operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT), and waterborne operations. 

  • Coordinate tactical teams, technical advisors and movie extras in scenes requiring precision military tactical movement for authenticity.

  • Manage tactical teams to cut time on production and training actors to move as a cohesive unified team. This will protect actors from bodily harm, and reduce cost and time.

  • Conduct Safe mobile training anywhere/anytime to provide trained actors & extras on-site.


Multiple military units, law enforcement tactical teams, and film industry use our products. We can advise on real world trends in current tactical market of individual equipment. We work closely and have direct contact with most of the top brands, and offer a complete head to toe tactical wardrobe solutions. Although many companies sell tactical equipment, few have this level of first hand end-user experience and resources in the tactical industry. Most importantly we are a Georgia Film and TV camera-ready company. We offer budget conscious contracting, location diversity, production resources and professional support to make any size production a true success.

Mobile Range Training Unit. All curriculums can be exported to any location. All curriculums can be amended or specifically developed for a particular need.  

Firearms Training, Tactics & Techniques: As a firearms trainer Clint has extensive knowledge about various types of U.S. and foreign small arms, submachine guns, machine guns, grenade launchers, forward-observer procedures and directs fires/indirect-fire weapons (mortars). Also we’ve learned the capabilities and characteristics of U.S. and foreign air defense and anti-tank weapons systems, tactical training and range fire as well as how to teach marksmanship and the employment of weapons to others. Experience with conventional and unconventional training, tactics and techniques.

  • Training point of instruction development

  • Close Quarters Marksmanship

  • Squad Designated Marksman

  • Sniper Trained

  • Close Quarters Battle

  • Anti-armor Weapons

  • of Defense range operation-Certified

  • Ammo Handler-Certified

  • Hazmat –Certified

  • US Army Armorer trained, Colt Armorer, Glock Armorer

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Basic military/outdoor survival: We offer a variety of programs designed to teach you the necessary skills in how to survive & thrive in the outdoors. Using skills designed for down military pilots and special ops soldiers operation deep behind enemy territory. Students will learn:

  • How to assemble their own survival kit

  • Shelters

  • Fires starting

  • Water collect, filter & purify

  • Gather food, trap small game and fishing

  • Signal for help

  • Determine directions without a compass

  • Land Navigation

  • Escape & Evasion

  • Field craft/survival skills

Basic Field Medicine/First Responder (BFM/FR) BFM/FR teaches self-aid/buddy-aid to all survivalist’s basic skills to sustain life of self and others. BFM subjects covered in class:

  • Assess the Scene/Patient assessment

  • Establish and airway CPR

  • Bleeding

  • Shock

  • Heart Attack

  • Chocking

  • Burns

  • Hazardous materials exposer

  • Splinting a fracture

  • Heat injuries

  • Epileptic seizures

  • Triage/Evacuation

We offer training focused on standard curriculum or curtailed to what skill you would like to obtain. This training will save your life when you least expect it!! If you feel it is time to improve your self-reliance & survival skills? Want to learn from the most elite soldiers in the world; training that keeps us alive in the most dangerous places in the world; the most comprehensive and realistic you will find it there!

We offer (live fire) tactical firearms Training and Consultation Service. 


For more information, contact us at: 706-580-9209