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The R.R.A.P.C is using the rapid open buckle, able to guarantee a firm hold, but also the possibility of an immediate opening in case of need, these buckle is also N.I.R compliant.

-Reinforced laser-cut MOLLE system.
-Multiple sizes fit plate pocket, flexible, adjustable plate pocket, capable to hold different sizes and shapes armor plates in the market.
-Slot ready for buckle up variable front panels in the market(buckles not included).
-Fully compatible with O.P.S Triple Shingle Mag Panel(without using buckles).
-Double-side MOLLE platform cummerbund, capable to carry extra pouches and gear internally.
-Maximized MOLLE slot cummerbund, capable to use the first 2 rows of MOLLE without additional devices.
-Drag handle on the back for an emergency situation.
-Patch loop on the front.
-Detachable padded shoulder protection, 8mm thick anti-vibration foam padded shoulder protection, enhance comfortability while in a fully loaded situation.
-Adjustable shoulder straps.
-Convertible with different sizes soft armor with additional armor pocket.
-Light-weight, about 1 kg.

Fully compatible with the sticky mag pouch suit.


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