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The Wilde Custom Gear Tactical Rear Rest Shooting Bag is your perfect companion for getting your rifle in the optimal shooting position.

Made out of 1000D cordura, and Mil Spec Webbing, it is built to take the abuse.

The Tactical Rear Rest Shooting Bag is filled with a synthetic material that will allow you to conform the bag to your rifle and environment and will not retain water, rot, or decay over time.  It features 1" Mil Spec Webbing loops at both ends, and 1" Mil Spec Webbing straps across the front and back.

The Tactical Rear Rest Shooting Bag measures approximately 4" wide, 6" tall and 3" wide, and weighs approximately 1 pound 14 ounces.  

As always, 100% Made in USA by Americans.

Tactical Rest Shooting Bag

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