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Comes with 2 component:
Constructed with state of the art AustriAlpin 1.75” D-RING COBRA® buckle, strength rated as follows:
–Buckle: 18KN / 4000lb MBS (straight pull). 36 KN Loop configuration.
–D-RING: 22 KN / 5000lb MBS (straight pull).
–The buckle far exceeds ANSI Z359.1, CSA, EN, UIAA and NFPA standards for fall protection.
-Made from 12mm-7075 aluminum alloy.
-Laser-cut slot for gear and accessories, compatible with MOLLE/PALs.
-MIL-SPEC 500D Cordura laminated with 1000D CORDURA, tough enough to hold anything.
-Full Rigger’s stitch on the D-Ring side.
-Innerbelt with Velcro hook
-Belt body with Velcro loop.

This belt is not intended to substitute for the standard rappelling harness.
The D-RING COBRA WARRIOR Belts are NOT certified for climbing or use as lifesaving equipment.
The Cobra® buckle has been certified and the webbing is mil-spec but the complete unit has not yet been certified.

4 sizes:
LARGE— 36-38”


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